No leaves are full upon the woods
Only a dream of leaves;
The sun, from the hollow to the height,
A wave of colour weaves.*


Welcome Leafy one!

Nice to meet you: my name is Paola and I hand make leaf imprint botanical jewelry by means of leaves, flowers, and other natural patterns impression on to polymer clay. On the rooftop of the old house where I live in Lecce I grow an home garden which is also a visual herbarium for my creations. Inspiring shapes I mostly find among the spontaneous seedlings that pop up everywhere.

I moved to the heel of Italy four years ago with my mother and we now live with our girl cat Miss Lyly and her adopted brother King Andrew. Their help is essential for my day to day activities. I am a philosophical practitioner and journal writing facilitator. I also run labs in dream exploration through process painting and teach philosophy for children. Handcrafting is that part of my time where I can cultivate a connection with my own Self and establish a meaningful bridge between different moments of my life.

I think of my creations as of simple and poetic paintinglike artifacts. Fragments of Nature. I feel like they were small windows on that place Shakespeare called the ‘green world’ that is a space of imagination where everything is literally possible. Moments of Time turning into glimpses of Eternity. Unique and unrepeatable snapshots to be worn forever.

Mine is a tribute to that woman who knows how to dream and is not afraid to laugh out loud. She is comfortable with her creative loneliness where she is never alone. She is used to walk through the woods, which is where occasionally she meets a familiar deer… I guess the latter is to her A Dream of Leaves, and her name is ADèLe.

* from Spring in the Valley by Duncan Campbell Scott




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