The breath of Nature

The new Fall-Winter 2016/2017 collectionholds the warmth of its preparing months. Summer in Salento is scorching. The vegetation seems to disappear. It is just retreating, though, seeking rest. I need to find it in the woods, between land and sea. A middle dimension made of wind and water. I reach it walking along miles on a beach. As I proceed on the hard sand, to the bush I go and get back. I leave signs on the ground, and travel through my own footsteps. A little like Time does with Nature. A practice of perseverance perfectly expressed in this season’s palette. The colors of a solid soul that has found her breath. Quiet, in the two shades of blue, airy and riverside. Strengthened, capable of enterprises in the ‘aurora’ red and shark skin gray. Dedicated, in the earthy shades of potter’s clay, warm taupe and dusty cedar. Happy, in lush meadow and spicy mustard. Brave, in that bodacious tone that seems to be whispering: ‘Keep on walking, girl!’.


To wholesale line sheet


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