A tribute to Coro design

Handicraft acts in me as a practice of the mind. Characters appear from the inner world belonging to some unknown season of the soul. I believe Adèle’s recent inclination towards a vintage mood very much leans on this mysterious as fascinating mechanism. Somewhere I must have collected props on the inner stage, and they began their craft. It is the case of the round (about one inch wide) button earrings. I cared about taking a moment to think about their concept, because they are one of the first pieces of A Dream of Leaves line. Especially the ‘destructured’ version of them. In time they changed from round to square and from wide to tiny.


These glamorous ones are the latest, and I believe a few voices are speaking through them. Undoubtedly the most recent interaction with Nonaprirequellarmadio whose double Christmas campaign invited me to think of botanical jewelry on clay as a mean to perform vintage style. There again a matrilineal fascination. In particular for Coro leafy designs on brooches and (of course) clip on earrings. I suspect this ‘fan’ ultimate one — whose cutter I personally designed and have made me do for Spring 2016 collection — is the unconscious heir of the 1930s close-to-the-ear debut in ornaments for her. A matching bracelet is definitely in order.

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