Searching for the Light

ADèLe came to me as I began to feel at home in Salento. Looking for Nature at the outside, I found it within. Literally. The same spontaneous seedlings I meet in the country or at the seaside, sprout from the walls of Lecce’s Baroque palaces reminding me of the current season with no need to look at the calendar. Each plant has its own character, and as she finds me, I immediately know to what piece of jewelry it will want to belong. This is how collections are born: wandering around the park, nursery gardens, or the narrow streets of the old town. Then is when the colors of each seasonal palette mates the natural shapes. That is what ‘a dream of leaves’ is, and it mostly happens in day time, eyes open, under the luminous sky of the Mediterranean.


The moment I love most of the process of creation is when the magic happens and the natural forms come out through color… Just like in the disclosure moment of photographic exposure or old cyanotypes… As a matter of fact, Adèle’s style is very much vintage in its being shabby. The art of making discoveries is her own philosophy… And she much loves the Spring-Summer 2016 collection because the watchword seems to be ‘exploration’. Far from the noises and walking on the paths of Chance, the Light is what she goes in search for. Through bright green she finds it on the blue of a shallow sea and serenity azure. Through pink quartz and peach she brings it in the color of iced coffee and makes it smile. In the friendly contrast of coral and light blue she finally meets the Sun.

And you: what is the color of your dream?




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