Baby Valentine

Valentine is to me a tiny little angel with a cheeky smile. Teen in the end of the early 80s, the Fiorucci angels are as much the icon of Love itself, as red roses on a mint and pink palette are the fashion pattern and colors of the day of love. Baby Valentine has come to visit me very early this year, right before New Year’s Eve. In that magical inter time which comes right after Christmas I joyfully attend to the visions for the year to come, and they rise into me as restful expectations. Then is when I dreamt of this tiny little angel, and as he appeared to me in the window of a shop, I recognized him immediately. I took him home with me, of course, white as he is, and so much in step with the white mood of Adèle’s pictures. He also turned out to be a very well-accepted gift for my mother, as we have this tradition of exchanging gifts on the first day of the year. She loves angels. Now that I think of it, I guess it’s no surprise Valentine is an angel to me. After all, she is my greatest love.

Red_gold_mint_pink_rose_bead_bracelet_for_Valentine_by_Adreamofl  _ValeNTiNe_MiNi_JeweLRY_Pouch




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