Nugget #1

Life is creational. It has to be. No gap should separate everyday activities from creative practices. This is the sacred principle I commit to honour composing periodic nuggets to be posted in this blog. They are narrative micro-collections telling the birth of beauty from both the inner and the outer world. Four pictures’ collages made of golden inspirational pieces found in fashion, art, photography, handmade. Here is the first one.
Early morning pinning activity is the best part of my Etsy day. Yesterday, I encountered the histrionic floral patterns and daring palette of Dries Van Noten. In a serendipitous short circuit I suddenly envisioned his combination of burgundy and brilliant azure turning into a leafy something. The day before, I had been outing in the country with a group of local botanophils and discovered the friendly and joyful shape of the shephard’s purse, a rosette of hearted leaves. Impression made the rest. Hung to a fashionable rose gold chain, here it is. The sweet and elegant little pendant which finally brought together the double invitation. Enjoy!


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