The breath of Nature

The new Fall-Winter 2016/2017 collectionholds the warmth of its preparing months. Summer in Salento is scorching. The vegetation seems to disappear. It is just retreating, though, seeking rest. I need to find it in the woods, between land and sea. A middle dimension made of wind and water. I reach it walking along miles on a beach. As I proceed on the hard sand, to the bush I go and get back. I leave signs on the ground, and travel through my own footsteps. A little like Time does with Nature. A practice of perseverance perfectly expressed in this season’s palette. The colors of a solid soul that has found her breath. Quiet, in the two shades of blue, airy and riverside. Strengthened, capable of enterprises in the ‘aurora’ red and shark skin gray. Dedicated, in the earthy shades of potter’s clay, warm taupe and dusty cedar. Happy, in lush meadow and spicy mustard. Brave, in that bodacious tone that seems to be whispering: ‘Keep on walking, girl!’.


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A tribute to Coro design

Handicraft acts in me as a practice of the mind. Characters appear from the inner world belonging to some unknown season of the soul. I believe Adèle’s recent inclination towards a vintage mood very much leans on this mysterious as fascinating mechanism. Somewhere I must have collected props on the inner stage, and they began their craft. It is the case of the round (about one inch wide) button earrings. I cared about taking a moment to think about their concept, because they are one of the first pieces of A Dream of Leaves line. Especially the ‘destructured’ version of them. In time they changed from round to square and from wide to tiny.


These glamorous ones are the latest, and I believe a few voices are speaking through them. Undoubtedly the most recent interaction with Nonaprirequellarmadio whose double Christmas campaign invited me to think of botanical jewelry on clay as a mean to perform vintage style. There again a matrilineal fascination. In particular for Coro leafy designs on brooches and (of course) clip on earrings. I suspect this ‘fan’ ultimate one — whose cutter I personally designed and have made me do for Spring 2016 collection — is the unconscious heir of the 1930s close-to-the-ear debut in ornaments for her. A matching bracelet is definitely in order.

Nugget # 4 • Goofdbye Fall!

Before the end of this transitional month that is February I wanted to pay a tribute to a fashion designer who inspired me in the past winter months. Dennis Basso presented a stunning ombre gold hand embroidered floral jacquard gown. During my everyday walkabouts I encountered a blackberry plant whose five points leaf seemed perfect to reproduce the same talk of ‘dried herb’ and ‘oak buff’ with ‘cadmium orange’. On the side of art a double quote from Henrik Simonsen: one for the earthy snapshot including a similar leaf to the one in the pendant, another one rich in butterflies as the latter seems to be flying away. Both rich in blues halfway between ‘reflecting pond’ and ‘biscay bay’, this is the ideal closure on Fall 2015 palette. See you next september!


Nugget #3

And here is the second nugget zooming into the inspirational process for Spring 2016. The first piece is from Leslie Ann O’Dell whose feminine portraitures are visual heartstrings. The moment I saw her canvas Erosion in my Etsy feed, it brought me back to another kind of relief in fiesta and serenity I had just met and already went nuts for: the irresistible ‘damasked’ mini bag, and corresponding embroidery, by Tory Burch. Related is a set of charms I went through with a touch of personalized jewelry. Enjoy!


Nugget #2

Less than one year ago I committed here to honoring the promise of sharing periodic nuggets. Inspirational compositions capturing the narrative beauty of creational activity. Here is the first one. A tribute to the magnificent, poetic, elegant, fresh, period evocative Spring 2016 Del Pozo collection. I fell in love with this blue snorkel and aqua dress and tried to reproduce its mood in a choker closed with a cotton thread. Art on its part contributes with a flower vase painting by Lulie Wallace whose capacity of finding daring colors combination is a gift to my soul. Enjoy!


Searching for the Light

ADèLe came to me as I began to feel at home in Salento. Looking for Nature at the outside, I found it within. Literally. The same spontaneous seedlings I meet in the country or at the seaside, sprout from the walls of Lecce’s Baroque palaces reminding me of the current season with no need to look at the calendar. Each plant has its own character, and as she finds me, I immediately know to what piece of jewelry it will want to belong. This is how collections are born: wandering around the park, nursery gardens, or the narrow streets of the old town. Then is when the colors of each seasonal palette mates the natural shapes. That is what ‘a dream of leaves’ is, and it mostly happens in day time, eyes open, under the luminous sky of the Mediterranean.


The moment I love most of the process of creation is when the magic happens and the natural forms come out through color… Just like in the disclosure moment of photographic exposure or old cyanotypes… As a matter of fact, Adèle’s style is very much vintage in its being shabby. The art of making discoveries is her own philosophy… And she much loves the Spring-Summer 2016 collection because the watchword seems to be ‘exploration’. Far from the noises and walking on the paths of Chance, the Light is what she goes in search for. Through bright green she finds it on the blue of a shallow sea and serenity azure. Through pink quartz and peach she brings it in the color of iced coffee and makes it smile. In the friendly contrast of coral and light blue she finally meets the Sun.

And you: what is the color of your dream?




Baby Valentine

Valentine is to me a tiny little angel with a cheeky smile. Teen in the end of the early 80s, the Fiorucci angels are as much the icon of Love itself, as red roses on a mint and pink palette are the fashion pattern and colors of the day of love. Baby Valentine has come to visit me very early this year, right before New Year’s Eve. In that magical inter time which comes right after Christmas I joyfully attend to the visions for the year to come, and they rise into me as restful expectations. Then is when I dreamt of this tiny little angel, and as he appeared to me in the window of a shop, I recognized him immediately. I took him home with me, of course, white as he is, and so much in step with the white mood of Adèle’s pictures. He also turned out to be a very well-accepted gift for my mother, as we have this tradition of exchanging gifts on the first day of the year. She loves angels. Now that I think of it, I guess it’s no surprise Valentine is an angel to me. After all, she is my greatest love.

Red_gold_mint_pink_rose_bead_bracelet_for_Valentine_by_Adreamofl  _ValeNTiNe_MiNi_JeweLRY_Pouch




Nugget #1

Life is creational. It has to be. No gap should separate everyday activities from creative practices. This is the sacred principle I commit to honour composing periodic nuggets to be posted in this blog. They are narrative micro-collections telling the birth of beauty from both the inner and the outer world. Four pictures’ collages made of golden inspirational pieces found in fashion, art, photography, handmade. Here is the first one.
Early morning pinning activity is the best part of my Etsy day. Yesterday, I encountered the histrionic floral patterns and daring palette of Dries Van Noten. In a serendipitous short circuit I suddenly envisioned his combination of burgundy and brilliant azure turning into a leafy something. The day before, I had been outing in the country with a group of local botanophils and discovered the friendly and joyful shape of the shephard’s purse, a rosette of hearted leaves. Impression made the rest. Hung to a fashionable rose gold chain, here it is. The sweet and elegant little pendant which finally brought together the double invitation. Enjoy!